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Tips to Protect You From Chemical Exposures

1. Use distilled white vinegar and baking soda to clean bathrooms, kitchens, windows, appliances, and floors. Simply fill a squirt bottle with half vinegar and half water. If you use baking soda and vinegar together, they will fizz, making it easy to clean tubs, toilets, etc. Vinegar will kill most household germs without the need for caustic disinfectants. (See:

2. When purchasing toiletries and cosmetics, buy “fragrance free” products, many of which can be found at grocery stores, health food stores, or online from various vendors such as

3. Buy “fragrance free” laundry products. My favorite place to buy them is Do not use scented fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

4. Use organic fertilizers such as Ringer’s “Lawn Restore” on your lawn. Rather than using herbicides to kill weeds, try using distilled white vinegar. Apply vinegar in the same manner as an herbicide-it’s just as effective and a lot less expensive.

5. Buy organic produce and meats whenever possible.

6. Avoid using potpourri, air fresheners, or scented candles, all of which often contain toxic chemicals. Instead, open your windows for some good old-fashioned fresh air, making your house smell wonderful without harming your family.

7. When remodeling, choose products that are low in toxicity. Select paints that are low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds); avoid oil-based products and sealers. A great resource for building supplies that are low in toxicity is

About the author:

Janine Ridings is the founder of Aroma of Christ, a ministry to the chemically sensitive at Calvary Chapel Eastside in Bellevue, Washington. Visit: Her devotional book Comfort in the Storm: Devotions for the Chemically Sensitive is scheduled to come out in December 2004.

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