General Information about MCS

Commonly asked Question About MCS:What is MCS? Who Gets MCS? What are the Symptoms of MCS? What Causes MCS?
For the answers to some of these questions, see: The Definition and Incidence of MCS.

Why MCS is Not More Widely Known:
Some people wonder why not more people are familiar with MCS. The best article I have read that tells about the harsh reality of the situation is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Under Seige by Dr. Ann McCampbell, which can be found at:

Questions about the spiritual, psychological, and emotional aspects of MCS:

1.  Would people with MCS be healed if they just had enough faith? Is sin in a person’s life the cause of MCS? For answers to these questions, see: False Teachings on Healing

2.  A common accusation heard by people with MCS is that their illness is all in their heads. For a discussion on this topic, see:  Is MCS Psychological?

3.  Are people with MCS demon possessed?  Can A Person With MCS Be Demon Possessed?

Other Helpful Information:
Why do Fragrances Make Some People Sick?

Chemical Sensitivity on the Rise: This article appeared in Eaglezine, an electronic newsletter published by Dr. Tom Hill, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul.

Tips to Protect You From Chemical Exposures: Read about cleaning, gardening, and remodeling tips, as well as other ways to avoid toxic chemical exposures.

The Chemical Connection to Chronic Illness:  Read about the relationship between chemical exposures and illness.

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