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The Chemical Connection to Chronic Illness

Reasons for Chronic Illness:

There are a variety of reasons people become ill, and only the Great Physician knows the reason for each individual’s illness. One reason people get sick is simply because we live in an imperfect, fallen world where viruses, bacteria, and disease exists. Some may become ill from poor lifestyle choices, including lack of proper nutrition, rest, and exercise. Still others may become ill due to genetic factors, the stress level in their lives or unresolved emotional issues. Others may become sick from chemical exposures that attack various systems of the body. Chronic illness is often a result of a combination of some of the above factors. Today we will explore the chemical connection.

Why are Chemicals Making People Sick?

First of all, using chemicals in everyday life is a fairly recent development in human history. Following WWII, over 500,000 chemicals have been introduced into our environment, according to Rosalyn Anderson, Ph.D. of Anderson Laboratories. Since many of the chemicals that are now widely used throughout the world have not been tested for safety to human health, we are beginning to see some of the unfortunate consequences of exposure to these chemicals. The incidence of autoimmune disorders and other chronic illnesses is skyrocketing—asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, various types of cancer, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, bipolar, and Alzheimer’s are all becoming more prevalent. Researchers are beginning to see that, in some cases, chemical exposures can either be linked to or exacerbate these conditions. (For further study, see “Researching Effects of Chemicals and Pesticides Upon Health” at: and “The Environmental Health Network” at:

What Symptoms Can Chemical Exposures Cause?

There are a multitude of symptoms that can be caused by chemical exposures. A few of the most common are migraines, seizures, disorientation, joint or muscle pain, depression, anxiety, sinus problems, fatigue, brain fog, emotional outbursts, cognitive difficulties, and asthma attacks.

How Can I Determine if my Symptoms are Caused by Chemical Exposures?

This can be tricky, but the best way is to keep a diary of your symptoms. Record what types of chemical exposures you encountered prior to the symptoms. For example, were you in a moldy building, a mall, or a hardware store the day or two before the symptoms? Were you exposed to fragrances, toxic cleaning products or a remodeled building? Did your neighbors spray pesticides that drifted onto your property? (You can’t always smell pesticides and they can actually enter your home even when the windows are closed.) Sometimes symptoms can be immediate, yet other times the symptoms may not show up for 24 – 48 hours.

Why is It Important to Understand the Chemical Connection to Chronic Illness?

If people can determine that the source of their symptoms is chemical exposure, then reducing or eliminating such a trigger often can reduce the symptoms. I’ve talked to many people with fibromyalgia, asthma, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other chronic illnesses who have experienced improvement in their symptoms once they reduced the chemical exposures in their lives.

My Own Experience:

It took several years for me to figure out that the reason I often got migraines after going to the mall was due to all the chemical exposures I encountered there. Once I realized that, I cut back on my trips to the mall, was careful about what stores I went into, and bought a charcoal mask to wear to reduce exposures. As I slowly became aware of other chemical exposures that were making me ill, I eliminated the use of many toxic products in my home. For example, I got rid of all pesticides, toxic cleaning products, and fragranced items, including personal care products, air fresheners, scented candles, and potpourri. Avoiding these types of products has helped my health improve over the years.

Can Food Allergies Also Cause Symptoms for Those with Chronic Illness?

Yes. Some people may experience symptoms they have no idea are actually being caused by the foods they are eating.I was shocked when I found out the ear pain and fatigue I was experiencing were caused by food allergies. Almost any system of the body can be affected by food allergies.


As noted earlier, chronic illness is usually caused by a variety of factors, and therefore people should pray for the Holy Spirit to show them the causes and cures for their particular symptoms. My prayer for all of you is that the Lord will lead you to the answers that will help you achieve better health. Many of us won’t experience complete healing while on this earth, but remember that all believers will be healed eventually whether it is on this earth or in the life to come. Hallelujah! I look forward to that day!

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