The Fragrance Free Zone

In the early ‘90s, I was on top of the world. The Lord had blessed me with a wonderful Christian husband and two healthy children. I felt I had achieved the all-American Dream. It wasn’t long, however, before health problems changed my life. After visiting many different health professionals, I discovered I had chronic fatigue, along with allergies and chemical sensitivities. By 1998 my health had reached an all-time low. On a flight to Palm Springs to visit my parents, I incurred a severe chemical injury from ingesting toxic jet fuel fumes that had entered the plane’s ventilation system. Three hours after the flight, I experienced seizures and debilitating fatigue. In the coming months, life as I had known it came to an abrupt halt. I was bedridden much of the time for the next several years, often only leaving my home a couple of times a month. This was a very challenging time for me as I had always been an active person, involved in my children’s lives, as well as various church ministries.

In 2000 the Lord led me to start a national Internet prayer group for others who were chemically sensitive and homebound with no place to fellowship, or feel connected to the body of Christ. Many had suffered unfortunate experiences at their churches by people ignorant to the needs of those who were chemically sensitive. Some of these included accusations of hypochondria, demon possession, or general laziness. I wanted to assure these precious people that God still loved them and had not abandoned them.

Thankfully over the years my health slowly began to improve and I was able to do more things again. Praise God! In 2003, I began holding fragrance free fellowship meetings at my home for those who could not attend local churches. In 2004, Calvary Chapel Eastside invited my ministry, Aroma of Christ, to become a part of the church. Shortly after, the Fragrance Free Zone was started. People who had not been able to attend church in years could once again feel connected to the body of Christ. I am so thankful to CCE for all they have done to reach out to the chemically sensitive. My prayer is that many other churches will follow suit, determining ways to help people who are chemically sensitive re-enter church life. Psalm 9:18 says: “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish.”

The Aroma of Christ Ministry would like to extend a heart-felt invitation to visit us in the Fragrance Free Zone. Please contact me if you are interested so that I can provide some simple guidelines.

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